SEO Price

 How much does website promotion cost in Google & Yandex?

Investing in SEO pays off many times over. The company’s net profit increases commensurately with each elevated SERP (search engine results page) position.

Contextual advertising — passive, purchased one-time clicks on targeting reach impressions.

1st consultation

The first one is Free. Subsequent from 3000 K ₽. The price does not depend on time, but on what solution I find to the question. Simple consultations are also available on the Internet.

Internal SEO with your admin

I do not need a password from the site admin panel: from 15-30K ₽ per week — payment for 7 days — only unique secrets of high-speed SEO.

Full construction

30-60K ₽ per week (until the internal optimization of 2-4 weeks is over, you will need access to the admin panel).

Want even cheaper? You can take only 1 week, but I can do it for a month — like a standard SEO specialist.


A gift for getting out of the filters — advice on exactly what sanctions pessimization + a brief oral TOR on the main page — for free (provided that you write from the phone number indicated in the source). Particularly interesting are those that no one wants to take on or digital companies have been unsuccessful.

The action for beginners is a free initial consultation on the structure, preferably at the stage of layout and programming (technical optimization and download speed), there are some nuances there.


The first 3 stages last from 1.5 to 3 months. Seems expensive? Calculate the total amount of my competitors for 6 months (this is the minimum start of promotion for everyone) or for a year + lost profits. In terms of price / quality / speed — I’m the leader.

It’s up to you to decide whether to wait for positions for a year or order from SEOSKER. Get results in a month and start selling, or look at lost profits and successful competitors.

At the maximum rate (100 K ₽/week), my brain works only in the direction of 1 customer.

I prefer an individual competent approach to each project. Specialist technologies are similar, but they are different for solving non-standard strategic tasks.

The cost depends only on the time spent, the efforts of brain activity: audit + finding solutions. Approximately affect: condition, type of website and study + analysis of competitors’ strategies, how financially and reasonably strong.

After the 1st week, if you need more time for editing, you can take a timeout for the service and payment. Any subsequent timeouts are charged.

Black / gray — no. Preferably white and flawless.

I don’t do paperwork and drafting commercial offers, because mistakes and solutions are different.

At each stage, the cost of services may change — sometimes a breakthrough is needed, therefore the discussion of the fee will be constant: decrease and grow.

✅ 1 week of promotion is possible without prepayment (until the first success), provided that you have a serious platform or portal with a large budget (from 50k rubles / 7 days). If the project is under filters, I will find under which ones and tell you how to fix it — 5-8 days of waiting after reindexing (bypassing, scanning by a search bot and updating the database).

✅ If the project is at the initial stage, then the initial consultation will be free.

✅ Nothing motivates as much as paying for knowledge, hard work and hard work. Therefore, it is completely free to become a volunteer — there is no desire.

Payment for the result — tell us what you want and what budget you allocate (from 200K ₽) The contract should contain a clause — if the customer or competitors interfere, then the fee is doubled.