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Wish your business segment in all industry is on the first page or even on the TOP-3 in all industry in all search engines: Google, Yahoo, Petal Search (new in 2020 for Huawei), DuckDuckGo? Hire the best web worldwide Top-notch marketer and professional SEO specialist. Let’s make the perfect strategy for getting the top positions to growing traffic.

I am not a grandiose big company, but a small boutique with handmade jewelry. There is no set per stream, but a logical conclusion to the TOP. I give preference to clients who love their business and website, burn with all their hearts for their “baby”.

Specify your wishes: what positions do you want, for what keywords, in what time frame? Desired which results? Issuing positions in Google? Increasing online sales with delivery? Brand recognition? Kilometer queue of customers? Be the market leader?

I am ready to cooperate with English, French and Russian speaking companies — in any European countries and USA.

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Investing in SEO pays off many times over. The company’s net profit increases commensurately with each elevated SERP (search engine results page) position.
There are no package rates. I appreciate the individual approach to the project. SEO technologies are always similar, but they are different. The cost depends on condition, type of website and the competitors. How financially and reasonably strong they are in the strategy.

From 200 till 2K USD/Euro per week — payment for 7 days — only unique high-speed SEO. I won’t torment you for years — the first 3 stages last from 1.5 to 3 months. Seems expensive? Calculate from others the total amount for the year + lost profits during this time. In terms of price, quality, speed — I’m the leader. Honestly, if there is no passion, the project is not interesting.
After the 1st week, if you need more time to edit, you can take a timeout on my services and payment.

Long standard (usually called simply support) or even the old grandfather one — perhaps by agreement, payment by month. Not mine, honestly. I like to see success immediately.
Black / gray is not our forte, check your resource — may be white and flawless is better for you.

SEOsker clients determine the cost themselves. The best SEO experts work precisely for as long and hard as they have allocated the budget. The result depends on solvency and will be visible in a month. I don’t do paperwork and drafting commercial offers, I don’t have time for it. I’d rather spend the same 2 hours increasing the SERP. Consider, I have a closed auction — offer your price yourself.

At each stage, the cost of services can change — sometimes need a breakthrough, so the discussion of the fee will be constant: decrease and grow.
Learning all the articles from here are really weighty and free. It makes no sense to give money for courses of Internet marketers on optimization.
The prices are already promotional. Such a low cost is temporary.

Action 1: Remove site from the filters — advice on exactly what sanctions pessimization + short verbal TOR on the main page — always free of charge (write from the phone number of your source). Of particular interest are those sites that no one wants to take on or too many digital companies have been unsuccessful. Conclusion from under the filters then — free of charge.

Action 2: For new sites — a free consultation on the structure for new sites, preferably at the stage of layout and programming. There are some nuances.

  • Internal optimization (without this stage, the subsequent ones — none is possible)

  • Display in search (subject to the completion of the first completely from 7 days)

  • Increasing the number of requests (constantly, while the content is being edited and new URLs appear)

  • Display narrow, medium and wide queries in the 10-20 position of Google (from 3 weeks with little competition)

  • Introduction to Petal Search — an important, costly, complex stage — allows you to reach the audience with Huawei smartphones and gain a foothold in the primary search engines

  • Presentation to the TOP (the most expensive — you have to jump over, and not 1 step up)

  • TOP retention (like the previous one, but long (1-1.5 months) — competitors will want to shift while it is possible when you are not firmly standing)

  • Support for holding positions: at this stage, the price decreases gradually at 2-3 times. Up to full 0 — provided that the niche of the resource is without strong competitors.

  • Support with promotion when new competitive resources appear, or if you start make internal optimization incorrectly
    Each step has its own algorithm of actions.

If you feel that something is wrong with a website or a certain page: loss of positions, standing in one place for a long time, dropped out of Google, then yes — these are search engine sanctions for something. Here you need an SEO expert with a huge intuitive skill that will analyze a combination of filters. The conclusion from under pessimization always takes a different time. Usually, it is enough to find and eliminate the causes.

Very often, competitors simply induce bots — behavioral plus or minus. Just put an anti-bot and hammer on the stupid ones who cannot promote their own resource, but can lower someone else’s. PS. Yes, this is for those who cannot sustain competition with me on the white, but can only do dirty tricks on the sly.

I recommend to strong and knowledgeable professionals of my circle not even to pay attention, but to direct the budget and efforts for the well — to improve what is necessary and useful. While bad SEOs are using the gray and black methods of the 90s, they are lagging eating the dust in the development of new products. I only stick with the new white promotion tech for 2022, according to the newly tweaked search engine ranking factors.

Sandbox for new web resources usually takes 3 months to 1 year. But there are secrets on how to set up for a quick result. 1 of them — temporarily do not activate acquiring bank services — first wait for trust. But there are areas, like mine, where there are a lot of scammers, and reputation is important. Therefore, ordinary ceo-sites in the sandbox until the payment of the domain for the 2nd year. Seosker is not a year old, and the standards of search engines already trusted it. You can check the status and date of registration of any web on whois.

1 week of promotion is possible without prepayment (until the first success), provided that you have a serious web resource with a large budget (from 50k rubles / 7 days). The SEOsker team is confident in the results. Even if the project is under filters. We will find under which ones and tell you how to fix it — 5-8 days of waiting after re-indexing.

Weekly payment & fast results: It’s up to you to decide whether to wait for positions for a year or order here. Start selling in 3-6 weeks, or view lost profits and successful competitors. If the project is at the initial stage, then the initial consultation will be free.

I aimed requirements for realization my recommendations at fast, smooth & easy spinning, for hitting the bull’s-eye. We will work on the project together. I also need responsibility from the customer — his programmer and system administrator. Complex optimization for promotion in Google, Petal Search, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Mail, Rambler is difficult. Therefore, we must be a well-coordinated team with the customer. After vast experience, there is a specific conclusion: The client is always wrong in optimization. Otherwise, He would have already been in the TOP without optimizers.

To make the right choice: look at SERP of a marketing agency or specialist in Google. What place the main website occupies is what the customer will have with the maximum budget. And don’t forget to read the reviews. For this purpose, I ask the customer to give a page on his resource for me.

“We promise nothing” is the motto of those who doubt their actions or do nothing!

In this section, only those who were not too lazy and wrote a full review, gave it both space and time.

Gratitude from the Vpircinge studio — the main directions: piercing jewelry, services, training courses, body mod (split tongue, sew up ears after tunnels).

The rest speak in words, apparently, prefer not to put any third-party links. Therefore, they need to be found inside my project, as examples. You can call everyone, ask about my qualifications, implementation processes and responsibilities.

Get feedback about me personally, like the pros do when hiring.

Reports will be online, which will not lie and will not embellish positions and keywords. How to use, sort, see the dynamics and results “before” and “after” and other tools you need — a personal SEO specialist will tell you. We do not issue reports on the job done, because we work together with the client. SEO-experts are not strong in scribbling. He is aiming at promoting the resource, just like the customers — for their business. Dismiss paperwork — never will be!

It is reasonable to order optimization and image search in Google pictures for resources where there is more visual content: postcards, memes, tourism and impressions, from a professional or amateur photographer, artists, tattoo studios, educational materials or goods / services. Yandex originality requirements: so that your photos are no longer on any third-party web, even in your social network accounts or on platforms where you can buy photos for business. It is enough to look at similar images to understand where the material still stands. Google has simpler requirements.

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I live in St. Petersburg. Geolocation is not important for a digital expert. I promote websites in all search engines and in any cities in Russia and the worldwide: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi, Crimea, London, Dubai, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo and all other locations. USA (any state) and Europe (France, Germany, Italy), Australia, Ireland, Great Britain — my main strong point in promotion in Google SEO USA & Europe, DuckDuckGo, Petal Search and Yahoo. The languages ​​of the web project can also be any, but it is more convenient for me to edit the content in Russian, English and French. The exact location of a keyword in a particular city or country seo-specialist can view by turning on the VPN.

To order or consult remotely contact WhatsApp: +79643666614

Feel free to ask a question. It is better to get an answer than not to know the reason.


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If you are a private marketer or Digital agency, it is possible to cooperate on any projects. Especially difficult to display in the TOP are interesting. It’s nice to work in a team with a pro.

Think of this resource as free learning materials. Here is my structured knowledge from many years of practice, which you will not get even in paid courses. If you decide to make SEO yourself from scratch, do promotion for free on your own. Seosker has enough information. Newcomers to self-promotion will need help with a full understanding of online search ranking factors. What is important and what is secondary? What is SEO? Start learning with a unique structure.